Jbody Ecotec Upper Motor Mount

Designed to give the best compromise between comfort and performance. The specially chosen lower durometer polyurethane allows for absorption of vibrations at low rpm and idle. 

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The positioning and orientation of the lower bushings act to absorb the engine vibrations, while the smaller upper bushings prevent excessive engine torquing under load helping to reduce wheel hop and shock to the drivetrain. 

Due to the modular design of our mount the polyurethane bushings can be swapped out for solid aluminium bushings allowing you to run a completely solid mount at the track and swap back to a more comfortable mount during the off days/season. 

CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminium and assembled with grade 5 hardware. Total weight assembled is 1.86lbs a 4.72lb (71%) savings over the OEM mount. 

2002-2005 Cavalier 
2002-2005 Sunfire