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Ecotec Balance Shaft Delete Kit


Specially designed balance shaft elimination kit used to delete the shafts from the 2.0, 2.2, 2.4 Ecotec engines. Removes rotating mass and allows the engine to rev much faster and safely rev higher. 

Kit is comprised of two idler and two aluminium bushings. 

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The idler shafts are machined from oem balance shafts to not only reduce manufacturing costs but to also ensure true OEM fitment and oiling. The idlers replace the stock shafts allowing you to retain the OEM chain that drives the water pump, while removing roughly 9lbs from the rotating assembly. The aluminum bushings are cnc machined for proper fitment and sealing. They must be pressed into the block to seal the oil passages left by removing the shafts. 

*NOTE: Once the kit is installed it can not be removed due to the bushings being pressed into the block.