• $25.00

    Lightweight replacement handle. 25mm diameter.

  • $65.00

    Solid differential mounts to replace your worn out stock rubber mounts. Solid rear differential mounts help limit drivetrain movement and prevent missed shifts that can result in broken drivetrain components. CNC machined from Delrin for a perfect fit every time.

  • $50.00

    Introducing the FC3S RX7 DTSS Bushings - the ultimate upgrade for your Mazda RX7 suspension system. These bushings are specially designed to improve the handling, stability, and responsiveness of your vehicle, delivering an enhanced driving experience that will take your RX7 to the next level.

  • $90.00

    Under hard driving conditions the soft stock bushing allow the diff to move within the subframe. Reducing this gives you better control and a more predictable response. A stable chassis is very helpful for drifting, racing or any driving where you're on and off the throttle.


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